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Overland Conveyors are the most efficient, economical, effective and environmentally friendly mode of transportation for many different types of material.

Most aggregate and mining companies are unaware of how overland conveyors can be used to increase their production, while decreasing their expenses. Trucking, slurry pumping, etc. are the conventional methods for hauling material. While these do get the job done, they certainly do not get it done as fast and cost efficient as our overland conveyor systems. If your company is currently hauling material by conventional methods, please browse through our website to learn how a mining conveyor system could propel your company into a new realm of cost efficiency and increased production. 

Overland conveyors are an elaborate set of top troughing rollers and bottom return rollers that hold a belt that is used to carry material in any direction needed. The mining conveyor belt is different in ply thickness with different widths according to application and is pulled by a powerful head drive unit with an intricate take-up system. The conveyor belt and drive system allows for substantial surface area, coupled with great speed, to carry material from point A to point B efficiently.

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